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Have you felt stuck in your nanny career?

Does the lack of opportunities for growth and recognition frustrate you? 

Do you want to move forward, but are not sure how to do it? 

Do you need updated tools and knowledge to excel in your role as a childcare provider?

Find the perfect level for you.

Regardless of experience level, each nanny has specific needs that must be addressed to ensure their growth and satisfaction in the profession.

Mother’s helper/Junior Nanny

Beginner Nanny

Training and Orientation: A beginner nanny needs a solid background in childcare, including first aid and safety, an orientation in family dynamics, and a significant understanding of the responsibilities involved in the role.

Support and Mentoring: The beginning of a nanny’s career requires a supportive, collaborative work environment and mentoring opportunites that allow them to learn from practical experiences.

Boundary Setting: Learning to set clear boundaries with families and understanding parental expectations is crucial when starting a new placement.


Nanny with less than 5 years of experience

Continuing Professional Development: Even experienced nannies require professional development opportunities, such as advanced courses or certifications, that allow their to stay current on the latest trends and best practices.

Work-Life Balance: Over time, experienced nannies may seek a stronger work-life balance, as they develop a better understanding of how to best take care of themselves.

Negotiating Working Conditions: As nannies become more experienced, they might be in a more favorable situation to negotiate a competitive package.

Professional Nanny/Specialised Nanny

Nanny with 5+ years of experience

Specialisation: Once nannies have long-term experience in the field, they often aim to specialise in specific areas, such as caring for children with special needs, teens or newborns.

Professional Networking Development: Professional nannies strive to expand their industry connections by actively engaging in networking platforms that provide opportunities to continuously learn and exchange experiences with colleagues.

International Nanny Institute: Raising the Standard in Childcare

Since 2016, International Nanny Ltd. has been a pioneer in recruiting premium nannies for leading international families. Our journey as a placement agency has taken us to a new chapter, where the International Nanny Institute was born with the purpose of nurturing the nannies of the future.

Committed to Excellence

At International Nanny Institute, our primary commitment is to offer the highest standard of childcare and ensure solid job protection for our nannies. We understand the importance of developing highly skilled and committed professionals.

Your Professional Future Matters

At International Nanny Ltd, we are constantly looking for the best nannies for our families. That's why we created the Institute: to provide you with the essential tools and knowledge that will make you stand out in the childcare industry.

Programmes Designed for Success

Our programmes are meticulously designed for people who are passionate about working with children. Whether you are taking your first steps in the profession or looking to advance in your current career, our programmes will provide you with the skill set you need.

Internships for Real Experience

We recognise that practical experience is critical. That's why we have incorporated a work-based placement programme so that our students have the opportunity to gain real work experience.

Join us today

Join us today

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Join the International Nanny Institute and discover a path to success in the exciting world of childcare. Your dedication deserves the quality training we offer - enrol today and take the next step in your nanny career!

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Continuing Professional Development

Our programmes offer ongoing, up-to-date training, ensuring you are at the forefront of best practice in childcare.
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Recognition and Value

Get the recognition you deserve as a highly skilled professional. Our programmes will equip you with skills that will make you stand out in the industry.
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Career Growth

From Essential Skills to Advanced Skills, we offer you a clear path to progress your career as a nanny, whether you're just starting out or seeking a higher level of specialisation.
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Professional Connections

Join an exclusive network of childcare professionals and make meaningful connections that will benefit you throughout your career.

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"It has been a dream to complete this course, as I have always wanted to become a nanny! It was easy, useful, and I have loved working through this at my own pace. I have looked forward to logging on and aim to finish courses whilst being at home. I'm currently an Au pair in Barcelona and waiting to start my first Nanny Job in London. I can't wait to study more in the future! Thank you so much."

Amber-Marie P.
Essentials Skills Working as a Nanny

"The Healthy Living course provided useful and helpful information regarding multiple ways to live a healthy lifestyle. Thank you, International Nanny Institute, for the gained knowledge in this area!"

Julie A.
Caring for Children

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It was engaging, and I'm very satisfied and happy that I now have a new course to show on my CV. Thank you!"

Georgia M.
Maternity Nursing: The First Year

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