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 Whether you are just starting out or already working as a nanny, having an academic qualification will help you be more competitive and secure the best job offers!

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Why should I sign up?

Looking to start a new career as a nanny, but not sure where to start?

We know that life can be hectic and finding time to study is not always easy, which is why we have created this course to be completed 100% online.  The International Nanny Certificate - Level 1 will take 60 hours to complete, but as there aren't any deadlines to worry about, you can finish your training at your own pace.

This course is ideal if you are new to nannying or looking for a refresher course to keep up with the ever-improving standards and practices expected of a modern professional nanny.

What can this course help me achieve?

After taking this course, you will be equipped with the basic skills and understanding of what it takes to provide high-quality child care. You'll learn:
  • Current best childcare practices
  • Important aspects of child safety, education and development
  • How to look for work
  • The duties and responsibilities of a nanny
  • Emergency first aid and CPR procedures 
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International Nanny Certificate - Level 1

  • Level: Beginner - Intermediate
  • Study time: 60 hours
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Course overview
This entry-level course is designed to get you fully prepared for a career as a nanny. You’ll cover the essentials of childcare including care, development, education, and safety of children from birth to the teen years.
  •    Video time: X hours
  •    Modules: 5
  • Total Sessions: 20
  • Exams format: Quiz and Short Essay

Course Contents

Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the topics covered in the International Nanny Certificate - Level 1 programme. Each topic has been carefully chosen to cover everything you’ll need to prepare for your first nanny position, as well as offering tips and expert advice that you will find useful when during your placements.

 Each module consists of four in-depth training sessions, with accompanying quizzes and videos to help you remember what you’ve learned.

1.Working as a Nanny

This module focuses on explaining what will be expected of you as a nanny. This includes the kinds of tasks you can expect to fulfil, and explain the types of responsibilities you’ll be taking on. We also offer tips on finding work with your next family.  This module contains the following sessions: 
  • Working as a Nanny
  • Looking for a Job
  • Communicating with Parents
  • Duties and Responsibilities

2. Healthy Living

Here, you’ll learn all about making positive lifestyle choices for yourself, families and the children in your care. Working as a nanny can be demanding, and so taking the time to consider your own health and the health of your charges is vitally important for effective, nurturing childcare.  This module contains the following sessions: 
  • Living a Healthy Lifestyle
  • Activities for Young Children
  • Healthy Eating
  • Wellbeing for Young Children and their Families

3. Childhood Development

This module is all about the different stages and developmental milestones for the children in your care. This includes an explanation of the different language and motor skill levels, developing emotional awareness, and how you can best support them as they grow.  This module contains the following sessions: 
  • Newborns
  • Infants
  • Toddlers
  • Preschool and School-age Children

4. Caring for Children

Here, you'll learn about keeping children healthy and safe as you go about your duties as a nanny. This includes common illnesses, maintaining safe play spaces, outings, and even how to organise your daily timetable.  This module contains the following sessions: 
  • Common Childhood Illnesses
  • Safety in the Home
  • Safe Driving Practices
  • Planning your Day

5. Baby Basics

The final module focuses on practices of infant care that are essential to proper development during the early months. It teaches caregivers practical ways to complete daily routines and procedures that are part of an infant's daily care. This module contains the following sessions: 
  • Feeding
  • Keeping Baby Clean
  • Sleeping
  • General Baby Care

Is this course right for me?

Are you starting your career as a nanny? Or are you a seasoned professional looking to earn your first academic qualification in childcare? The International Nanny Certificate - Level 1 course is ideal for many people looking to enhance their careers.
Au pairs and students
 If you have enjoyed looking after children in a family environment, prepare yourself for the next step and become a professional nanny.
New Nanny
Now that you are starting a new position, it is time to prepare yourself to be a professional nanny. 
Professional Nannies
While you may already have completed a few placements, you also need professional certifications to elevate your career. Now is the time to earn academic qualifications that will help you advance your career.
If you're a busy working parent, you know it can be hard to leave your children. This course will help you learn how a nanny can help add value to your family's life. It will also help you understand the basics of domestic childcare and what is expected in the employer/employee relationship.

Benefits of Online Training

Our online courses include a variety of fun and collaborative learning aids. Interactive e-books allow students to highlight, take notes and flag important material, while videos, supplementary reading material, and reflective questions are available to help you prepare for quizzes and exams. 


Our online platform allows remote access to participants worldwide.


Rolling admission and flexible scheduling ideal for busy working professionals.


An affordable option to help further your academic knowledge of domestic childcare.


 Academic qualifications are highly sought after by many private employers and will enable you to access better job opportunities. 

Hear what our students have to say   

I found the training very educational and quiet interesting. I wanted to spend more time in it. I love the question after each session, which made the final exam much easier. I would love to continue with the Diploma level 2. 

- Oluwabusayo A., Professional Nanny

The International Nanny Certificate will help me in my job search. I’m so glad I signed up for this course!

- Daniella P., Prospective Nanny

I was able to do the whole program from my tablet which was good because I work a lot and have a long commute time. I liked that I could take my time and finish it when I had the time so there wasn't any pressure. Also, the parents I work for were happy that I have more training.

- Tamson E., Part-time Nanny, Part-Time Student


3 Courses Originally £190

International Nanny Certificate - Level 1
(worth £150)

Paediatric First Aid
(worth £25)

COVID-19 Protocols for Caregivers
(worth £15)

Now only £150!

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