Would you know what to do in an emergency?

When working with children, having basic knowledge of first aid can help you react well in an emergency, which can make all the difference! This course will help you handle an emergency with confidence and professionalism!

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Why should I sign up?

As a nanny, it is vital that you know how to react to any situation – including in case of injury or emergency. Having a First Aid qualification is highly desirable to parents looking for a nanny as it shows your commitment and dedication to their child’s safety and wellbeing.

This five-hour course covers basic paediatric first aid, emergency preparedness, and protocols for dealing with life-threatening situations.

Please note: this course does not provide a formal CPR certification.

What can this course help me achieve me achieve?

After taking this course, you will have a firm understanding of the first aid basics, specifically for children. This includes:
  •  How to respond and which emergency service to call
  •  How to provide first response care for emergencies including cuts, burns, bleeding, allergic reactions, fractures, and other common cases
  •  How to be prepared for emergency situations
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Paedatric First Aid

  • Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Study time: 5 hours
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Course overview
This 5-hour paediatric-focused first aid course is ideal for anyone who works with children and infants in any capacity.
  •    Video time: X hours
  • Total Sessions: 4
  • Exams format: Quiz and Short Essay

Course Contents

Here, you’ll find a breakdown of the topics covered in Paediatric First Aid. Each topic has been carefully chosen by first aid experts to cover everything you’ll need to know in case of an emergency. 

 Each session consists of in-depth training with an accompanying quiz to help you remember what you’ve learned.

1. Basic First Aid, Part 1

This session focuses on understanding the basic concepts associated with first aid. It provides guidance on how to handle the types of accidents that are most commonly seen when working with young children.

2. Basic First Aid, Part 2

This session focuses on understanding the basic concepts associated with first aid. It provides guidance on how to handle the types of accidents that are most commonly seen when working with young children.

3. Life-saving Procedures

This session explains how to handle life-threatening situations using CPR skills and available medical aids. While this course does not act as a CPR certification course, these valuable tools can help assist with emergencies until professional medical assistance arrives.

4. Emergency Preparedness

The final session in Paedatric First Aid focuses on the importance of being prepared for emergencies. You will learn various methods of emergency preparedness to help assist you if an emergency medical situation arises.

Is this course right for me?

If you work with children in any capacity, being well-versed in basic first aid is a necessity! This Paediatric First Aid course is perfect as an introduction to first aid, or as a refresher course to keep the information fresh in your mind so are be prepared for any emergency.
Au pairs and students
If you have are caring for children in a family environment, it is advisable for you and the family to have knowledge of first aid.
New Nanny
 In order to prepare yourself to be a professional nanny in your new position, you need to have knowledge of first aid. 
Professional Nannies
While you may already have completed a few placements, you also need to know how to act accordingly in an emergency situation.
If you're a busy working parent, you know it can be hard to leave your children. This course will give you first-hand knowledge of how to act in an emergency to help ensure your children are safe while in your care or when with a caregiver.

Benefits of Online Training

Our online courses include a variety of fun and collaborative learning aids. Interactive e-books allow students to highlight, take notes and flag important material, while videos, supplementary reading material, and reflective questions are available to help you prepare for quizzes and exams. 


Our online platform allows remote access to participants worldwide.


Rolling admission and flexible scheduling ideal for busy working professionals.


An affordable option to help further your academic knowledge of domestic childcare.


 Academic qualifications are highly sought after by many private employers and will enable you to access better job opportunities. 

Hear what our students have to say   

I found the training very educational and quiet interesting. I wanted to spend more time in it. I love the question after each session, which made the final exam much easier. I would love to continue with the Diploma level 2. 

- Oluwabusayo Adeogun, International Nanny Certificate - Level 1

I'm so glad I signed up for Paedatric First Aid. I had been on 4 different interviews but parents said they wanted a nanny who had some academic knowledge. Once I told them I was earning a certificate with International Nanny, I was quickly offered a job!

- Nicole B., Professional Nanny

I was able to do the whole program from my tablet which was good because I work a lot and have a long commute time. I liked that I could take my time and finish it when I had the time so there wasn't any pressure. Also, the parents I work for were happy that I have more training.

- Tamson Edison, International Nanny Certificate - Level 1


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COVID-19 Protocols for Caregivers
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