Considering becoming a professional nanny?
Want to take your nannying career to the next level? 

Learn more about working as a nanny, develop essential skills and improve your career prospects!

• OCN-London Accredited •
• Continuing Professional Development Accredited •
• International Nanny Institute Accredited •

What can this course help me achieve?

Gain confidence! 

Acquire the skills and knowledge needed to fulfill the role of a professional nanny.

Further your educational studies!

Gain an internationally recognized certification from OCN-London, CPD, and the International Nanny Institute!

Empower yourself!

Take ownership of your professional development and career progression as a nanny.

Secure your dream job!

Demonstrate your commitment to, and understanding of working as a nanny.

Working as a Nanny

Course features:
  • Level: Beginner - Intermediate
  • Study time:
    60 hours
  • Assessment format: Exam and Essay
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Course Overview
This course familiarises students with the tasks and responsibilities expected of a professional nanny.
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Certification Included
Upon successful completion of this course, students will earn an International Nanny Institute certificate, an OCN-London Level 3 certificate worth 6 credits hours.

Course Contents

Working as a Nanny is designed to introduce students to the roles, responsibilities and duties required of professional nannies. Working as a Nanny can help students find their ideal role and prepares students with the necessary information needed to set clear expectations with their new employers from day one.

This course will take approximately 60 hours to complete and is composed of 4 in-depth weekly sessions. Each week, students will gain access to a new lesson which includes an interactive ebook and a weekly assessment designed to help revise the material. There is also an extensive group forum that allows students to interact and discuss what they have learned with the course assessors and other students.

The sessions students will cover in this course are:
          1- Working as a Nanny
          2- Looking for a Job
          3- Duties and Responsibilities
          4- Communicating with Parents
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Is this course right for me?

Are you looking to start a new career as a professional nanny? Or are you a career nanny wanting to earn professional qualifications? Working as a Nanny  is perfect for individuals who want to learn about the duties, roles and responsibilities expected of professional nannies. It is also designed to help job-seekers prepare for interviews and develop crucial skills to communicate effectively with their new employers.

Being a nanny is an important job that makes a real difference to families’ lives. Nannies have the opportunity to help children reach their full potential, but as with many professions, salaries and working conditions can vary. Parents want to provide their children with the very best, so when they hire a nanny, they search for a candidate with experience and education.
Working as a Nanny  is a great way to earn your first academic qualification in childcare and improve your employment prospects. It is also a fantastic option for existing nannies who are looking to broaden their CV and enable them to access better-paying positions. Working as a Nanny  can help you find that fulfilling role and competitive salary you have been searching for by arming you with the knowledge needed to stand out from other applicants and secure the job of your dreams.

Meet the Academic Team

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Sam Sach

Sam is an Early Years teacher from the UK, with Qualified Teacher Status and Early Years Professional status. She has worked across the Early years sector, including working as a nanny and has a master's degree in Childhood Studies and Early Years. Sam currently works as a trainer and assessor for Early Years practitioners and Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators, which fits well with her own passion for professional development and raising standards across the sector.

Are you ready to develop your skill set as a professional nanny?

Single Course - Working as a Nanny

This course familiarises students with the tasks and responsibilities expected of a professional nanny.

Working as a Nanny 
£ 280

Essential Skills for Working as A Nanny Bundle
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Working as a Nanny 
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Healthy Living
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Child Development
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Caring for Children
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Baby Care Essentials
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